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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Cherry Blossom Season in Taiwan - 2017 Sakura Series - Taoyuan (桃園) [Travel in Taiwan 170311: Zhongbaling Cherry Blossom Road (中巴陵櫻木花道)]


Location: No. 59, Baling Rd, Fuxing District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan 336

How to get here: Board Bus 5090 (from Taoyuan Bus Station), Bus 5091 (from Zhongli Rear Station) or Bus 5301 (from Fuxing Road, near to Taoyuan Station) and alight at Zhongbaling (中巴陵) stop. 

schedule of the special tour buses 

Special cherry blossom tour buses also run along the Baling Road during weekends with an extension of the service scheduled on March 18 and 19. The free rides start at 8 am and ends at 5 pm with 30 minutes of interval between the next bus. The service is temporarily suspended between 12 noon to 1:00 pm to allow drivers to eat their lunch. If you happen to hop inside this mini-bus, show the driver the Chinese name of the Zhongbaling Cherry Blossom Road (中巴陵櫻木花道) to inform him of your destination.

Special bus stop signs have been placed along Baling Road and the designated marker is a few meters away from the so-called Zhongbaling Sakura Flower Road.

Status of flowering: More than 80% of the flowers have opened. However, the recent rains in Northern Taiwan had caused some of the petals to dropped on the ground shortening the time to enjoy the cherry blossoms in this place.

I boarded Bus 5301 near to Taoyuan Station and alighted at Zhongbaling stop.  The famous cherry blossom road is a walking distance from the bus stop.

I got really excited upon seeing this cherry blossom forest for the first time.

A tiny shade of pink among a sea of green

As I get closer and closer

Some of the petals of the sakura here have dropped due to the recent rains in Northern Taiwan.

I wanted to see how long is this cherry blossom road so I continued the walk and passed by an abandoned car.

Another view of the cherry blossom forest from the far end of the road

The tiny group of sakura trees that I saw

Here they are

They were not so many here so I decided to go back to the main sakura "forest".

cherry blossoms and the abandoned car again

Petals that had dropped on the floor.  

It feels so peaceful here.

Another shot. lol

Now I'm back to the main forest.

There is some sort of a hotel here beside the cherry blossom road here in Zhongbaling.  I even saw people came out of the building.

I arrived in this place at 8:30 am and as time goes by more people had arrived to take photos.

This happens to the sakura flowers when they become wet with rain.  They are still beautiful although looking shy. lol

Imagine opening your window after you wake up in the morning and you see cherry blossoms.


under the cherry blossoms

another great photo

 I wonder who owns the building on the left. 

This cherry blossom road really looks nice.  

Nice photo expect for that photobomber. Haha!

I didn't try to order a cup of coffee and enjoy the view of the cherry blossoms but next time I might do it.

The darker red flowers are the yaesakuras

Look! Dora the explorer was here. lol

Luo-Mu Jie and the tiny Dora the Explorer walking in the cherry blossom road

More people had arrived and they come in groups.

Another look at the cherry blossom forest

Suddenly, the clouds disappeared and the blue sky complemented the pink color of the sakuras.

The Zhongbaling Cherry Blossom Road should not be missed if you come to Taiwan to see sakura flowers.  However, it is a 2 to 3 hours travel time from Taoyuan Station but if you come at the right time you will enjoying walking under the pink petals of a cherry blossom forest.

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