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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Taipei 101 Observatory on daytime [Taiwan Day 1001: 101@1001,1001@101 - May 28, 2016]


I had been waiting for so long for the arrival of my Taiwan Day 1001. I officially call this period of my life as the “Post-Taiwan Day 1000 Era”. It is a time of bigger and bolder travel adventures as I expand my exciting trips to other places in East Asia. I still have a lot of places to visit like the outlying islands of Matsu, Kinmen and Orchid Island while the first Southern Taiwan Special is scheduled for the last quarter of 2016. Travelling around this island and showing its endless number of tourist attractions was my way of giving back to Formosa. A lot of Filipinos were actually interested to go here. Thanks to my Taiwan Day Adventures!

I actually do not know where to have my first adventure in the my “Post-Taiwan Day 1000 Era” until I received a free ticket to the Taipei 101 Observatory during my visit at the 2016 Taipei Tourism Expo in Taiwan Day 995. Aside from the free entrance to the publicly accessible top floor of the former highest building in the world, I also got a booklet containing various discount coupons. Yehey! I was very lucky! I actually thought of just giving the ticket to someone who haven't been to the top of Taipei 101 but I jumped with joy when a brilliant idea came into my mind. Why not visit the building during daytime? 

I had been to Taipei 101 before when I celebrated my “One-Year Anniversary Special” in Taiwan Day 365 (Taipei 365). It was a solemn evening and I was very emotional at that time since it was the last day of my first year of stay in Taiwan. A lot of things had happened since then. I have my first very “Travel Special” in Taiwan Day 435 (Ancient City) which later became the standard of my other multi-day adventures outside Taipei. A lot of friends were also able to join my trips through the “Travel Buddy Program” which gave me the golden opportunity to share memories with my fellow international PhD students. Young and energetic research interns made my “Summer Special” more special when they enrolled in my “Fast-Track Travel Program” in 2015. This year, I had finished my coursework and I also joined the elite group of PhD students who have passed their respective Qualifying Exams (QE). Two days before one of my QE, I even went to the mountains of Central Taiwan to see the cherry blossoms of Wuling Farm in Taiwan Day 911 [(Sakura Series) Wuling Farm]. My friends were shocked and amazed how the cherry blossom festival in Taiwan can rival those in Japan and South Korea. 

The columns in Taipei 101 Mall

My free ticket

So many places, so many Travel Buddies and so many events had happened in my 1000 days of stay on this country. I can only smile while remembering all of those memories as I walked under the scorching sun in Xinyi District. My mind went back to reality when I found myself on the 5th floor of Taipei 101. I was standing in front of a beautiful lady in the ticketing booth. I gave here my free ticket and she then exchanged it with the real ticket for the observatory. She even told me that if I don't want to use it then I could get a refund. Wow! I was really surprised. I didn't pay anything for the ticket and I can even exchange it for money. haha!

The long queue for the elevator going to the observatory

The screen inside the super-fast Toshiba-built elevator
fastest elevator in the world

at the Taipei 101 Observatory
view from the South side
view from the East side
view from the North side

My reminiscing continued when I joined the long queue for the world's fastest elevator at a speed of 1010 m/s. Patience was really a virtue if you visited Taipei 101 on daytime. I was relieved when my turn came to use the elevator together with the other tourists. Like on my first visit, my ears were popping as it accelerated upward to the 89th floor. The door opened and the bright daylight welcomed me and my fellow visitors. The Taipei City can be best seen at this time. Look around and you can see the whole of the city from the four corners of the observatory.

The building with the yellow roof is the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. Notice the iphone-like structure which is the fountain.  The building at the back is the Taipei Dome.

the wind damper

at the outdoor observatory

view from the West side

Visiting Taipei 101 at night was also ok but there are some things that you cannot see at night. Sun-Yat Sen Memorial Hall was very visible with its yellow roof but look closely and you will notice an iPhone looking structure besides the building. It was actually the fountain that Chinese tourists became crazy about. Mighty rivers, arched bridges and beautiful mountains made the city more scenic. At the center of the building was the giant wind damper and it was still the same when I first saw it. I was not yet satisfied to just look at Taipei City behind the glass windows so I climbed upwards to the open-air observatory. It was actually very hot outside with only a portion of the area opened due to the very strong winds that can endanger the lives of tourists. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the view.

Taipei 101 mango dessert

I went downstairs to take a 360° video of the 89th floor until I got hungry. I saw people eating some sort of yellow ice cream and it was actually a shaved-mango ice. I bought one for a price of NTD 250 and requested a guy to take my photo with my food while I sat and relax my body on a large glass window. The city was just behind me and I was so happy. I went to Taipei 101 on my 1001th day in Taiwan. On my 1000th day in Taiwan, I went to Taipei 101. Cheers for a brand new set of adventures 101@1001, 1001@101


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