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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Taiwan Day 119: 2013 FSiT Xmas Party - Dec. 28, 2013


The long waited Christmas Party of the Filipino Scholars in Taiwan (FSiT) came into a reality when we gathered in Holiday KTV near Songshan Station. Even though December 25 was over it was not yet late to have our Christmas Party. Aside from the Christmas gathering this was also a despedida party to our friend Arlene. Arlene will be going back to the Philippines as she already finished her obligations as a researcher in Academia Sinica.

The party would not be complete if we didn't sang. I was surprise that one of the Filipinos here can read and speak Japanese. He chose Japanese songs and he was able to sang it without any effort but I am not sure whether he was just familiar with the song or he really knows the Japanese language. I will ask him someday. The group urged me to sang one song and they chose 'I'll be the one' by Backstreet Boys. The songs were already pre-selected. At first I couldn't sang the song because I thought that I was not familiar with the lyrics and then eventually I remember this famous song of Backstreet Boys. The groups also joined me in singing while I hold one of the microphones.

My photos are not of good quality since the KTV room was dark and I can only improve my camera settings by selecting the Night mode. This was all my camera can do. This coming 2014 I will buy a new camera but I am not sure whether it will be a Sony Cybershot or a DSLR camera. What do you think? I really don't need a fancy camera. What I need is a camera that if I zoom, the images taken are still clear. My Nokia camera phone has only 2 megapixels so zooming it would just give me blurred photos. I also need a camera that can give me good photos even at night.

Since this was a Christmas Party we need to 'exchange' our gifts. The approved and recommended minimum price for our exchange gift was NTD 300. I went to Carrefour during lunchtime to buy my gift. I was thinking of something useful and also something that anyone who gets my gift will appreciate it. When I was still teaching in Adamson University I received a USB and that was the most useful Christmas gift that I received. It was a 2 GB USB and what more things can you do since I bought a 16 GB USB 3.0 flash drive.

The usual way of exchanging our gifts in the Philippines was by drawing lots and the name that you got in a small piece of paper will be the one to receive your gift. But in our party it was a different one. We just bought a unisex gift and then exchanged them by forming a circle and then passing the gifts to the person on your left or on your right depending on the instructions given as a song was played. When the music stops, the gift that you are holding will be the gift that you received for this Christmas Party.

Since I could not found any Christmas wrapper in Carrefour when I was there at around 12 pm. I just decided to cover the USB by 3 sheets of bond paper. One sheet was not enough since the bond paper was translucent and any person can easily identify the gift so I decided to wrap in 2 more sheets of paper. Most of the gifts that my friends bought were packed in paper bags. I guessed that Christmas wrappers were not common in Taiwan or I was just lazy to look for one.

Now here comes the most exciting part. What gift did I received after the 'Trip to Jerusalem' style of exchanging gifts? And what was the reaction of the person that got my gift? I expected that anyone would not at first want to receive my gift because it was very small and another reason was most of the gifts that were being rotated were large paper bags. I received a paper bag containing 2 boxes of chocolate and 2 toy spherical jigsaw puzzles. I was at first disappointed with what I got but then I realized that I received a gift that would tickle my mind. I am pertaining to the jigsaw puzzles. Most of the jigsaw puzzles that I have solved during my childhood were rectangular and planar puzzles. But this time it will be more difficult to solve because I have to build a sphere. hmmm.... challenging.... I will try to solve this puzzles after my qualifying my exam because I know solving them would take a lot time but I believed that once I solved the 3D puzzles my brain would become sharper. HA! HA! HA! [evil laugh]

So what happened with my USB gift? Jude received my gift and he was at first disappointed with what he received based on his actions and then I heard him saying 'USB! 16 gig! I need this one'. hehe! 16 Gigabytes is a lot of memory. That flash drive would be very useful for storing your various important, non-important and top-secret personal files. He asked among the people who gave this gift and I said 'me' ['Ako']. Based on what I remember he said that my gift was 'OK'. One of my friends was happy when he opened his gift since he didn't received a Starbucks tumbler. He said he had already a lot of tumblers. He probably does not want to received another one.

There was a small surprise karaoke video for Arlene. I don't remember exactly but the group were singing then suddenly a video was played after a song has already ended. I already expected this to happen. I just didn't told anyone my predictions. In my opinion the surprises of FSiT were already predictable and maybe they should try to vary their tricks. The video of Arlene shows one photo for each month that she stayed in Taiwan. hmmm... Something popped into my mind but I would not tell what was on my mind at that time. hehe!

It was a night of great bonding. Most of us took Bus 306 to get back to TIGP Dorm and the laughter continued even inside and as we stepped outside of the bus.

My last post for 2013 will also be my first post for 2014. I will be joining the thousands of people who will watch the fireworks in Taipei 101. It will be another exciting experience that I would never forget!

Great things will happen in 2014!

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