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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top Ten Best Travel Adventures of 2014

If there are 52 weeks in one year, then I have travelled 52 times in 2014. But which among my travel adventures were the most memorable? Find out in this 2014 Year-End Special.

[10] The Chinese class during the Spring Semester 2014 visited the Vigor Kobo pineapple cake factory. We made pineapple cakes and brought them home. Yummy!

[9] Have you ever tried eating ‘feces’ and drinking in a urinal? Visit Taiwan’s Modern Toilet restaurant to experience eating those edible excretions.

[8] The tiniest adventure I had was when I went to the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan. The old streets of Japan, the Victorian style rooms and many more can be found in just one place. It’s a small world after all.

[7] I can never forget my first trip in Keelung and my first ‘chu-chu’ train ride in Taiwan. But wait there’s more! The giant rubber duck from Hong Kong went to Taiwan. Yehey!

[6] My first trip in Yangmingshan National Park and my first time to see the cherry blossoms. Oh! I can’t wait for spring now.

[5] Why does the wind blow? The answer is simple and that is to make kites fly!

[4] The golden sands of Fulong beach were transformed into beautiful sand sculptures. I don’t have any favorite among the sand sculptures. They were all sand-sational!

[3] My visit to the mining town of Jinguashi made it to my top 3. Touching a very large gold bar, entering a gold mine and experiencing how to pan for gold. Whoah! I’m a real gold digger!

[2] After having fun in the Salt Mountain and Salt Museum I don’t know if a bus was coming to take me back to downtown Tainan. Thank God! A Taiwanese family offered me a free ride in their car. I will never forget that experience.

[1] My One-Year Anniversary Special was the best adventure I ever had for 2014. The last day of my first 365 days in Taiwan was the intersection of my past and future. I wrote my wishes in a sky lantern and released it in the air. It was like a second birthday in a year with many people very happy for me. It’s been a great year. Thank you for being part of it! lol

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